Best Shopify

There are so many outstanding, innovating brands on Shopify. Some of the best Shopify entrepreneurs continue to push the platform to new heights. At Postscript, we love being part of a thriving ecosystem. Here are some of our recent favorites:


  • Mizzen + Main – Mizzen + Main have been around for a while, and are hardly in startup mode anymore – they’re sponsoring Phil Mickelson and can be found in retail. However their rock solid Shopify implementation is a north star for clothing brands.
  • The Giving Keys – LA based TGK does a lot of good with their focus on helping their employees transition out of homelessness. They also do a lot of great content marketing, constantly coming up with fresh ways to show off their products.
  • Rowdy Gentleman – Hailing from Austin as part of Grandex, Rowdy Gentleman is a great example of a retailer laser focused on serving and speaking to their customer niche.
  • Mighty – This LA based music tech startup is a great example for how you can use Shopify to successfully showcase a limited number of SKUs.
  • Handy Product Shop – Cool new business line from Handy, mostly known for their on-demand cleaning and handyman services.
  • Latigo Coffee – Premium coffee bean subscription with a ton of voice and personality. We know these guys – they’re local in Los Angeles. They care about bean quality, the environment, and treating their customers well.
  • KKW Beauty – We so respect what the Kardashians have built, leveraging their massive social followings into beauty brands, all sitting on Shopify. They’re some of the fastest growing Shopify stores!


We look forward to more partnerships with some of the best Shopify stores on the platform!