Best Shopify Apps

We spend all our time thinking about how to build great tools for Shopify stores – and there are already lots of them out there! Here are some of the Postscript team’s favorite Shopify apps:

  • Gorgias – A stellar customer support helpdesk for Shopify, Gorgias lets support reps work across channels from a single desk, all while being deeply integrated into Shopify. It’s a great tool.
  • Oberlo – Owned by Shopify, Oberlo is a dropshipper's best friend. It lets you source the latest products then automatically orchestrates a drop ship from the supplier once an order has been placed in your store.
  • Spin-a-Sale – Spin to win! This is a fun one. Spin to win is a great mechanism for gathering email addresses and building your list.
  • ReCharge – Sell a subscription product? Check out ReCharge, which provides the infrastructure for selling subscriptions through Shopify.
  • Postscript (shameless plug) – Postscript is the leading SMS and MMS (think gifs, images, and media) marketing tool for Shopify. It lets marketers and store owners easily set up automations and start sending marketing campaigns to your customers through SMS.


If you’re a Shopify store operator, we seriously recommend taking a look at these, as they’re some of the best Shopify apps available on the platform. They’re all quality products that will help you grow!