BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) + SMS = More Sales


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The holiday shopping season is one of the busiest times for Shopify and ecommerce merchants. With 2019’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday poised to be the biggest yet for ecommerce merchants, you’ll want to stand out and find ways to increase your sales. Email inboxes are going to be flooded this year with offers, discounts and exclusive items (and likely in a Promotions tab for Gmail users). So how do you stand out this year? With SMS campaigns! 

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With the higher open and click through rates available with SMS campaigns, more of your customers will see your offers and click on them when compared to email or Messenger. And with the rise of mobile commerce, 2019 is the year to use SMS as your main BFCM marketing channel.

Your competition knows this too – and they likely have a decent amount of tricks up their sleeves to cash in on BFCM this year. It’s crucial that you come up with ways to scoop up as many extra sales as you can during this year’s holiday season.

Have you used or thought about using SMS for BFCM before? To give you some inspiration, here are four SMS campaigns to run for BFCM 2019:

1. Promote mobile-only offers

Customers need an incentive to opt-in. One incentive is to offer deals that are only available via SMS. For example, if you’re offering 20% off everything on your store for BFCM, let customers know they can get 20% off + free shipping if they opt-in to SMS notifications. 

Once their phone number is collected, segment them into 2 lists for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A few days before Black Friday (or on Black Friday), send them an SMS broadcast to let them know about your most exciting deals. Then do the same for Cyber Monday.

2. Recover BFCM abandoned carts with SMS + email

Expect a lot of abandoned carts on BFCM. Make sure your abandoned cart SMS campaigns are on to recover abandoned carts. In the abandoned cart message, include a discount/coupon letting the customer know they’ll get a discount if they complete their purchase. 

Another option is to use email + SMS for abandoned cart recovery. With Postscript’s Klaviyo integration, you can set up a flow like this:

  1. Cart is abandoned
  2. Send an abandoned cart SMS one hour after the cart is abandoned
  3. If the SMS hasn’t been opened or the cart wasn’t recovered, send an abandoned cart email
  4. Repeat again so you have two emails and SMS messages

3.  Offer a Cyber Monday upsell

Did a customer make a purchase on Black Friday? Great! Send an SMS broadcast to customers who made a purchase on Black Friday with an exclusive offer for Cyber Monday. It can promote specific products, or just offer an exclusive discount code. You can also send a broadcast a few days before Christmas to offer a last minute purchase ideas.

Alternatively, the holidays are a time of “giving.” Let your customers know that for every purchase made, your team will give x% of profits towards a good cause (or your preferred choice of donating).

4. Extend the BFCM season

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on November 29 and December 2 respectively, you don’t have to end the offers on December 2. Feel free to offer a few extra days of discounts. Because of ecommerce, Black Friday deals are starting earlier and ending later. So feel free to use the entire holiday season to promote your biggest deals and newest products.

For example, you can surprise your customers with a sale one week before Black Friday to get a head start on the competition. And for last minute holiday gifts, send an SMS broadcast by December 19th to remind people to make purchases for their loved ones. 

Get Started with 2019 BFCM Marketing

Now that you have some BFCM campaign ideas, it’s time to make sure you’re using SMS for your store. One thing to note with SMS marketing is you must be compliant with regulations and laws around this channel. Check out our SMS Compliance Guide so you can see how to best use SMS for BFCM while being fully compliant. 

To get the best SMS results for your Shopify store, add Postscript to your store today. With a guaranteed ROI of 4x if you follow our best practices, Postscript SMS is the perfect way to try SMS for your Shopify store.