How to Get Your First 1,000 SMS Subscribers


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Are you using SMS for your ecommerce business? Great! Now how do you get to your first 1,000 subscribers? You probably have a huge email list already and might be wondering why you should build out an SMS list. After all, you already spent so much time and effort building out your email list, so why bother with SMS?

With open rates as high as 95% and click-through rates of 45%, SMS can be your highest performing channel. With merchants seeing up to a 45x ROI with SMS, there’s a lot of incentive to grow your SMS list and market to these users as you already do with email.

In this post, the Postscript team will teach you how to grow your SMS subscriber list.

SMS for Shopify is a Game-changer

With ecommerce merchants thriving more than ever before with Shopify, now is a great time to embrace SMS marketing. Email is a great channel for ecommerce, but now it’s time to introduce new channels alongside email. SMS marketing is here to stay, especially in our now mobile-focused world. More sales than ever before are being made on mobile devices and the user experience of SMS offers a seamless and quicker way to convert new sales.

So how do you actually grow your SMS list? 

SMS Opt-in Pop-ups

Like most stores, you’re likely using a pop-up to collect emails from new visitors. Why not collect phone numbers too? Just like email, you can collect a customer’s phone number and offer them an incentive like a discount or free shipping. Use this as an opportunity to collect their SMS opt-in and put them into a Welcome Series campaign. 

Half pop up with standard configuration in Postscript.

Since personalization is a big topic in ecommerce, why not let your customers choose how they want to hear from you? With your pop-ups, let customers choose between email and SMS for their communication preferences to ensure a better customer experience. 

You can do this with Postscript and Klaviyo or Justuno. 

Collect Phone Numbers at Checkout

With your checkout page, you can collect phone numbers in addition to email. Use this as an opportunity to let customers know you’re going to text them so they’re not caught by surprise when they see a text from your brand. SMS compliance is key to successful campaigns, so be sure customers know you’re going to text.

Create an SMS Landing Page

Drive traffic to a landing page with an opt-in form for visitors. With this page, you can email your current email list and let them know there’s an incentive to opting into SMS.

Learn how to build an SMS landing page here.

Website Banner

Create a banner on the website that encourages customers to text a shortcode. For example, you can tell them to text “FASHION” to 12323 to receive exclusive offers.

Collect SMS Opt-ins with Facebook Lead Ads and Messenger

Are you running Facebook Leads Ads to collect email opt-ins? You can A/B test email vs. SMS opt-ins to test which ads convert best.

You can also use these ads to send traffic to your SMS landing page to collect opt-ins (and promote your short code as well). Once the customer opts in, they’ll automatically be put into your automation campaigns to convert them into paying customers.

If you’re using Facebook Messenger, you can set up an automation that asks customers to provide their phone number (and then sync it to your SMS list).

SMS Opt-ins through Customer Service

Do you handle customer service through text? You can encourage interaction with customer service via SMS instead of email by enabling Zendesk and Gorgias helpdesk integrations to resolve customer service issues via text.

After the customer’s issue is resolved, use this as an opportunity to upsell them or ask for reviews.

Off-site Opt-ins 

You don’t have to collect opt-ins exclusively through your website. If you have a physical store, put a note on receipts, print advertising, and packaging to advertise SMS loyalty programs. Instead of saying, “Thank You. Come Again”, receipts can include “Text FASHION to 121212 to get coupons and deals via SMS!”

Get Started with SMS for Shopify

Now that you know how to collect SMS opt-ins, it’s time to make sure you’re using an SMS provider that integrates with Shopify. To get the best SMS results, add Postscript to your Shopify store today.

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