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How to Advertise Your Shopify Store from Inception to Success!

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Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s one thing to have a great idea for a new store, line or—why not?—global super-brand. It’s quite another to make the jump to turning that dream into a reality. From Facebook advertising to SMS campaigns and beyond, here are a few practical ways to find and then target customers—and start building your empire. Takin’…

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SMS Marketing Services Have Changed the Shopify Ads Game!

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Shopify is an extremely dynamic ecommerce platform. As such, the way that online stores can utilize it is always changing and improving. What started as a simple solution devised by the owners of an online snowboard store to sell their wares now offers an array of add-on marketing tools that operate in many different channels…

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SMS Marketing: An Easy Guide to Shopify Text Message Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s quite surprising that most Shopify businesses don’t use SMS marketing for maximum customer engagement and sales conversion. About 90% of potential customers tend to read text messages in less than three minutes, which adds to the list of possible ways you can gain more customers. An SMS marketing campaign aims to drive more sales…

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Using MMS to Bolster Customer Engagement

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile marketing has become one of the most useful strategies for the promotion of business, products, and services. Customers can receive information through a simple text message using short and simple language. The idea of making use of SMS marketing has been around for quite some time and offers lots of perks for marketers. Most…

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Should Shopify Stores Embrace SMS Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes A popular e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, requires short and persuasive marketing techniques to draw in more loyal customers. SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a way to target the potential, real and paying clients with content designed according to the market behavior while obtaining their permission. Most customers who use Shopify stores are…

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SMS Marketing: What Every Shopify Store Should Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is SMS Marketing? Short Service Message (SMS) Marketing is a permission-based technique that Shopify stores can use to spread their promotional messages. This usually requires the customers to opt-in via a 5 digit code, and a choice to unsubscribe or opt-out at any time. The goal of SMS marketing is to engage and retain…

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