Building Subscriber Landing Pages

Use our Shopify theme template code to create landing pages for your subscribers to sign up in an easy and compliant way.

Create a Keyword

Create a Keyword before you generate your template code. Each time someone subscribes- either through a web page or by texting a keyword- they will trigger the actions associated with a Keyword.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 06-50-41.png

Please make sure that your Keyword includes at least a Reply and Opt-In action. These are critical to make sure that your subscribers are added to your list, and that they receive a confirmation that they have joined the list.

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Generate Template Code

Go to the Grow List section in Postscript and click the Generate Code button.

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Choose the Keyword you want to associate the subscriber page to. Then click the Copy to clipboard button to copy the template code into your clipboard (to be pasted later).

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-00-14.png

Go to your Shopify store’s admin area and go to the Themes page. Click the Actions dropdown and select the Edit Code button.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-03-59.png

Click the Add a new template button in the Templates section.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-17-25.png

Choose the page option in the dialog, and call this page something that shows that it is a subscribe page linked to the Keyword you’re using. We suggest you use the following naming convention: “{keyword}-subscribe” (see image below).

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-16-07.png

Delete all of the pre-generated code in the code editor box so that it is blank.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-21-00.png

Paste the template code that was copied into your clipboard before, and then press Save.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-23-23.png

Create subscriber landing page

Go to the Pages page in your Shopify admin and click the Add Page button.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-25-31.png

In the Template section of the page, select your new template name from the dropdown.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-34-51.png

Title the page anything you want (it will not show on the page). In the Content section of the page, put a short message you would like the customer to read before putting in their phone number.

Screenshot from 2018-11-12 07-30-14.png

Press Save and your page is ready!

Go to the URL listed for the page to confirm that it looks correct. You can find the URL for the page in the Search engine listing preview section (see image above). You can test that the Keyword actions are working by putting your phone number into the page and pressing Subscribe.

If you are planning on using this landing page for an email campaign (to convert email subscribers to phone subscribers), we recommend generating an Email Campaign Link to use as your email CTA. This link makes it easy for mobile users to text your keyword to you, while desktop users will be routed to your new landing page. Please read the Email Campaign Link article for instructions on how to do this.