How 310 Nutrition Drives $100K in weekly SMS Revenue—on Autopilot

310 Nutrition’s passion is helping customers improve their lives by providing proven solutions that fit their lifestyle. They help customers develop clean eating habits, staying active with the support of an engaged community, and starting the journey to healthy living.


310 Nutrition was exploring SMS as a marketing channel but needed to see great returns without dedicating much bandwidth.


With a few clicks, 310 Nutrition was able to seamlessly integrate Postscript with their entire core tech stack—Shopify, their subscription software, ReCharge, upsell software, CartHook, and the helpdesk software, Gorgias. This integration furnished them with industry-leading text support, Reply-to-Buy capabilities, and seven highly targeted SMS automation flows.


weekly SMS revenue

59x ROI

on automations & campaigns


compliant SMS subscribers


with 3 different checkouts

The Postscript app is intuitive to use and provides powerful segmenting capabilities, a well-done integration with Shopify, and a straightforward way to set up campaigns. We’ve seen immediate results after just a couple of targeted campaigns—well worth the investment.

— 310 Nutrition