Combining email and SMS to increase store revenue by 47%

BombTech Golf sells superior golf clubs at direct to consumer rates. They were seeing success with email only, reaching hundreds of thousands of people in their audience.

In collaboration with their marketing agency, they teamed up with Postscript to explore ways SMS could drive incremental revenue on a regular basis and in a cost-effective way.


BombTech Golf's marketing agency, Ecom Growers, knew if they wanted to take both email performance and sales to the next level, they needed to test new strategies.


They tested a product launch once with email, and then with email and SMS. The text was sent using plain text (SMS) instead of a picture message (MMS) for a more cost-efficient campaign. They also offered a discount code to create urgency.

The increased exposure resulted in 47.5% more revenue for both channels, and has become Bombtech Golf's new campaign strategy.


from the Agency:

"Historically, this offer has performed well. Not great, but well. It did exceptionally great this time! The difference was that we had SMS with Postscript implemented."

- Chris Petitt, Co-Founder, Ecom Growers


SMS Click-through Rates


Return on SMS Spend


Increase in Email Revenue

This time the launch resulted in our 2nd highest revenue day in the history of the business and a 47.5% increase in sales compared to our previous launch of the same offer, prior to using SMS. This increase is all new revenue that the business would have otherwise left on the table.

— Tyler, Co-founder of BombTech Golf

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