How Cloudy uses Postscript to recover 16% of abandoned carts while building customer trust

Cloudy has developed a line of products that help people relax and get better sleep.


John used SMS to build a direct line of communication with 133,000 subscribers - both for marketing and customer support.

John Robb, the founder of Cloudy, is someone who truly exemplifies the Postscript way of doing SMS. In his words: “SMS is a platform for driving revenue and ROI, but it’s also a better way to connect with customers and establish our brand.”

With the help of Postscript, he has ramped up his SMS program to: update customers on their orders, gather product feedback, survey customers, recapture abandoned carts, do cross sells and upsells, and send various creative campaigns to boost retention and LTV.

Before his success with Postscript, John was using SMSBump.

“I switched over from SMSBump for many reasons; better pricing, better interface, and more of the integrations and features that I wanted. It was just a total no brainer to switch to Postscript.”

— John Robb, Founder of Cloudy


There are three things that John did early on which have impacted his success with SMS:

  1. Varying the marketing messages on email vs SMS. “If people are opening our texts and our emails, they’re getting hit from two different angles. We might talk about different benefits of the product or test different kinds of pitches.”
  2. Offering customer support over SMS. Using the Postscript and Zendesk integration, he's able to quickly help customers with their inquiries.
  3. Using Segments to send different SMS messages based on whether the subscriber is already a customer or not. “If they’re a customer, the strategy is around making repurchasing super convenient. For instance, we send campaigns with prefilled cart links so they can checkout in seconds. If they’re not a customer, then we’re focused on building trust, talking about benefits, and showing social proof.”



compliant subscribers in 7 months

12x ROI

average ROI over 7 months


abandoned carts recovered using SMS

We recover an insane amount of revenue from abandoned carts using SMS. And Postscript has the features and integrations we need to send the most relevant messages to our customers.

— John Robb, Founder, Cloudy