How Gearbunch generated 8.1K in 24 hours

Gearbunch is a women’s clothing brand that produces hand-sewn apparel with custom designs created on demand.


Gearbunch is a leader in Facebook acquisition, but they were looking for a way to better retain mobile users – email engagement rates had continued to decline. Gearbunch needed a way to ensure that their customers were actually seeing promotional messages.


Use Postscript to send promotional campaigns (e.g. Singles Day) directly to their mobile-first customers via SMS and MMS.


increase in ROI


in revenue/message


click-through rates

Seriously this is the best SMS app on the market. During BFCM we spent $4k on a campaign through this app and generated over $69k in sales. That's a ROAS of 17.2!!! That is almost unheard of in the eCommerce industry. Couldn't recommend this product highly enough!

— Dan Nikas, Founder