How Inspire Uplift Launched an Incremental Revenue Stream

Inspire Uplift strives to spread happiness, joy, and inspiration to people by sharing fun, lovable posts on social media. They also offer inspiring, innovative products at an affordable price.


Inspire Uplift needed expert text messaging execution and specific platform functionality when adding a new way of communicating with their customers. They had done barebones SMS before but needed to level-up their program. Having exceptionally high standards for order tracking, personalization, and customer service, it was critical their SMS tool of choice include integrations with AfterShip, Klaviyo, and Zendesk.


Teaming up with MuteSix and Postscript, Inspire Uplift quickly built an SMS program without hampering email efforts. By utilizing integrations with Klaviyo dynamic blocks in emails, and leveraging JustUno for targeted phone number collection via existing email subscribers, the brand quickly generated over $21,000 in passive SMS revenue. Postscript also provided white-glove treatment by rapidly building a bespoke integration.


generated from automations alone within 30 days


from AfterShip transactional messages (non-marketing)

Integrations with

Working with MuteSix and Postscript has been great. The MuteSix team executed a strategy to grow a large subscriber base quickly without disrupting email collection, while the Postscript team quickly delivered a custom integration we needed—all rolled into a powerful platform. The results have been strong!

— Inspire Uplift