Why Nomatic left Attentive to build a hyper-segmented and profitable SMS program

Nomatic creates high-quality, functional gear for Life On The Move. They offer bags, luggage, camera packs, and travel accessories. 

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After realizing that Attentive's functionality was too limited for their marketing strategy, Nomatic turned to Postscript, a Shopify-specific SMS platform.

Russell Steed, Online Revenue and Marketing Manager, had never done SMS marketing before the Nomatic team decided to try it. He quickly regretted his decision to choose Attentive as their SMS marketing platform, in part, because of the lack of ecommerce-specific targeting.

“I was impressed by everything they promised and the benchmarks they set for my campaigns,” Russell recalls. “But once I started using Attentive’s platform, I realized that it did not have the functionalities I needed to be able to execute on our strategy.”

The biggest frustration for Russell is that he only had a limited number of automation triggers and segmentation filters to work with. For instance, he wasn't able to segment customers based on which products they purchased. Those limitations didn’t fit with his strategy of sending hyper-relevant messages.

“Attentive’s recommended approach of sending the same 8 texts to every subscriber each month was starting to burn our list. I felt like they were doing things in their best interest and not ours.” - Russell Steed


After learning that Postscript offers 26 Shopify-specific automation triggers and 35 segmentation filters, he decided to make the switch. His Customer Success Manager Steadman worked with him on a new SMS strategy based on sending fewer, hyper-targeted text messages. And it paid off: they’re spending less money on SMS while driving much higher ROI.

They also utilized Postscript’s Justuno integration to collect phone and email subscribers in the same popup. “Our conversion rate on popups have gone through the roof with Postscript. We were collecting 70-80 phone numbers per day with Attentive and now it’s 100-200.”


compliant subscribers in 10 months

37x ROI

average ROI over 10 months

$33 EPM

earnings per message on cart abandonment automations

“Text is a big part of being able to communicate with our most valuable customers and, thanks to Postscript, it has also become one of our most profitable revenue channels. The culture at Postscript and their philosophy on SMS marketing is much more aligned with ours.”

— Russell Steed, Online Revenue and Marketing Manager