How does Postscript compare to other SMS platforms?

Let’s face it: Any of our competitors are a good place to start. But when you need a purpose-built solution to do SMS right, you turn to Postscript. 

So... who is Postscript for?

Brands on Shopify or Shopify Plus

Brands who don't want to annoy their customers and ruin SMS

Brands who want to maximize ROI through highly targeted messages

We've tested other platforms and the others simply fell short. The segmentation, integrations and ecommerce strategies are great, but the continued support we've received throughout our company's growth is unparalleled.

— Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel

Side-by-side comparisons

Segment customers based on previous purchasesYesNoNoYesNo
Send different cart abandonment drips based on cart valueYesNoNoYesNo
Collect email THEN phone number in popupsYesYesNoNoNo
Price comparison based on 10,000 SMS messages to US phone numbers.

(Thinking big? Use our calculator to see the cost up to 1,300,000 messages)
$100 total cost (per message costs go down starting at 30,000 messages per month)$299 platform fee + $100 messages + $25 carrier fees =$425 total cost$59 platform fee for most popular plan + $142 messages = $201 total cost$100 total cost (per message costs do not go down as you scale up)$500 platform fee + $100-200 messages = $600-700 total cost
Platform feesNoYes, between $299-2999 per month.Yes, between $19-199+ per month.NoYes, $500 per month.
Short Codes
Short codes are the best option for maximum deliverability and speed compared to long codes.
Yes. With Postscript shortcodes, there is very little risk of crosstalk with other brands.Yes. Shortcode shared with other brands which could lead to crosstalk and unintentional unsubscribes.No. Uses toll free long codes (1-800).No. Uses toll free long codes (1-800).No. Uses long phone numbers.
Read our guide on TCPA compliance.
High priority. Provides several built-in measures to automate compliance and a lot of guidance from support and content.High priority. Handles compliance well.Very self-serve with little guidance on compliance.Very self-serve with good guidelines on compliance.Very self-serve with little guidance on compliance.
Geographic regionsUS, Canada, and InternationalUS and CanadaUS, Canada, and InternationalUS onlyUS only
Freedom to export your listYesNoYesYesN/A
A/B testingYesYesYesNoNo
Updated October 29, 2020
Thousands of stores rely on Postscript

Postscript is an extremely powerful self service tool for brands on Shopify. But that doesn't mean we don't have your back.

You’ll have access to onboarding assistance, a dedicated strategist, live chat support and outstanding documentation - all of which will help you execute a messaging strategy unique to your brand.

We're proven by thousands of brands on Shopify and hundreds on Shopify Plus in every vertical.

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