See Why Postscript is the Best Attentive Alternative

Discover more with the only SMS platform built exclusively for Shopify. One-click integrations, powerful list growth, and customer service that works for you.

Postscript has been totally different from Attentive. The pay structure is far more beneficial. I always get a reply via live chat within 5 minutes. And the ROI is far greater. I thought we were making a lot with Attentive but I'd spend $2,300 a month and make $6,000 from text marketing. In my first month with Postscript, I've spent $500 and we've made $25,000.

— Gwen Jimmere, CEO & Founder Naturalicious

We came from using Attentive over to Postscript and have been blown away by how much easier it is to use PLUS how truly amazing their support is. The best customer experience I've ever had and that support goes a long way! Besides support, the platform is extremely easy to use for both beginners and experts. At this point, I'll be a Postscript fanboy for life!

— Jarod Steffes, Founder & CEO Muddy Bites

We switched from Attentive to Postscript and the difference is night and day. Attentive is extremely limited in its capability and lots of heavy lifting to get started. With Postscript, you can be up and running in minutes, the team is willing to go above and beyond for their customers, and you have many triggers that you can turn on and start making money with little to no effort.

— Jay Hofstatter, President at DailySale

Why marketers choose Postscript

Exclusively for Shopify@2x

Postscript is built exclusively for Shopify

With Postscript, you can use your Shopify customer list and data to segment and analyze lists.

Plus, tap right into your existing tech stack with one-click integrations into many popular Shopify apps.

You deserve control of your messaging

Attentive's "white glove" service means you need to email in to make changes, get reports, and even to access your subscriber list.

With Postscript, you're up and running in under 5 minutes, with access to an expert team and library of resources to help you fully manage your SMS.

Control of your messaging@2x
No more mixed messages@2x

No more mixed messages (really)

When you install Postscript, you're given a free short code (phone number) that is unique to a small number of brands. This creates a two-way text channel with customers.

Attentive brands default to a shared short code where your messages are mixed with many other brands. You can buy your own — but it's $1,000/month.

Postscript vs Attentive for SMS marketing

  • Less than .01c per message
  • No carrier fees
  • No platform fees
  • Matches any sms platform price
  • Less than .01c per message
  • Additional carrier fees per message
  • Platform fees between $299-2999 per month
  • Filters exclusive to Shopify brands
  • Self-serve integrations
  • Premade automations and self-serve automation builder
  • Not Shopify specific, missing customer filters
  • Contact support for integrations
  • Contact support for automations
List Growth
  • Create and share keywords
  • Create and share links on social and email
  • Double opt-in available
  • Subscriber API available (and Zapier)
  • Design your own Postscript popup, plus JustUno and Privy integrations
  • Share a link on social media
  • Double opt-in available
  • Attentive designed popup
Short Codes
  • Operator short codes assures minimal overlap
  • Option to purchase your own
  • Responses in-app or forwarded to email or your helpdesk
  • Share a short code with other brands
  • Option to purchase your own
  • Customer responses in the app
  • Live Chat (with 800+ 5 Star Reviews)
  • Dedicated CSM and Strategist
  • SMS Learning Center / Playbooks / Templates based on success from over 1000 Shopify and over 400 Shopify Plus brands
  • Email Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Broad SMS strategy not specific to ecommerce. Limited feature set servicing 8 industries including education, travel, and restaurants.
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Why Nomatic left Attentive to build a hyper-segmented and profitable SMS program

“I was impressed by everything they promised and the benchmarks they set for my campaigns. But once I started using Attentive’s platform, I realized that it did not have the functionalities I needed to be able to execute on our strategy.”

- Russell Steed, Online Revenue and Marketing Manager

See Why Postscript is the Best Attentive Alternative

Discover more with the only SMS platform built exclusively for Shopify. One-click integrations, keywords, and customer service that really works.

10 ecommerce use cases you can't do with Attentive (but can with Postscript)

10 Things@2x
  1. View a list of your subscribers without emailing your account manager
  2. Create your own opt-in keyword and links to promote in your marketing
  3. Send different abandoned cart texts to people who already have a discount applied
  4. Create winback flows for customers that haven’t bought in 60 days
  5. Offer a discount to people with 250 or more loyalty points
  6. Offer a unique free shipping coupon to someone with a cart value above $100
  7. Recommend product X to someone who purchased product Y 14 days ago
  8. Exclude this campaign from people who clicked yesterday’s email
  9. Text your subscription customer 5 min after their card fails
  10. Send more than one abandoned cart message (our data shows 37% of revenue comes from messages 2+)

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