Receiving Consent To Send Messages (At Checkout)

Note: Before you adjust your checkout, if you haven’t already, please ensure you have added and updated your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as outlined here. If you operate a regular, non-plus store, instructions for receiving consent are here.

As mentioned in the SMS & MMS Marketing Compliance Introduction, consumers have to provide “express written consent” before they can receive marketing communications via SMS. This article covers the three steps you need to take in order to receive full consent from the customer at the time of checkout. They are:

  1. Request that the customer sign up for marketing updates

  2. Explain that the customer will be receiving text messages from you (in a TCPA-compliant manner)

  3. Request that the customer provide their phone number in order to receive the text messages

For Shopify Plus stores:

First, set up a field to collect the customer’s phone number. Go to Settings > Checkout and find the Form options section.  Change the Shipping address phone number to Optional. Then, save the changes by clicking the Save button at the top of that page.


Next, add a SMS-specific label to the phone field (to further confirm consent). Go to Settings > Checkout and scroll down to the Checkout language section.  Press the Manage checkout language button.


Search for “Optional phone label”.  In the fields called Option phone label and Optional phone placeholder, paste the following into both:

Phone number for news and offers (per checkbox below)

Here’s what that looks like:

Then, save the changes by clicking the Save button at the top of that page. Next, add a custom opt in checkbox below the Phone field. You do this by editing the checkout.liquid file on the page (here’s Shopify’s documentation on that). You may have to override the theme css as well (notes here).

Be sure to store the value (sms_consent : true/false) in the order_notes attribute. Here’s what that should look like:


Now, make sure the the checkbox is pre-checked. Next, add this language to the right of the checkbox:

Receive news and offers via text message*

The asterisk denotes additional language which we will add to the footer at the bottom of the checkout page. Now click Save. Here’s what your phone field should now look like in checkout:

Lastly, add the following language to a custom footer on your checkout page:

*By checking this box I consent to receive automated marketing by text message from {{shop_name}} at the number provided. Consent is not a condition to purchase. View our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for details.

If you have any questions on how to add this footer here is a written resource, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional instruction as well.