Creating Email Campaign Links

Create email campaign links to make it easy for mobile users to text your keyword to you, while desktop users will be routed to a landing page with a subscribe form.


Go to the Grow List section in Postscript and click the Create Link button.


Select your Keyword that will be triggered when subscribers sign up. Then add the URL for the landing page that desktop users will be routed to (mobile users will be taken to a pre-populated message to text to your shop’s phone number).


Click Generate Link and copy the URL from the dialog that pops up. If you lose it, you can always regenerate it later.


Test this URL by clicking it on your desktop and your phone. We recommend that you send yourself an email with just a link to that URL, and then try clicking it from your phone’s email app as well as your desktop email app.

Once you’ve tested it, you can use this URL anywhere that you want people to be able to subscribe to your list using that Keyword.