Creating Segments

Segments are subsets of your sendable user base that you use when sending Campaigns. Segments are totally customizable, update in real-time, and are defined by criteria that you choose. Some examples of available criteria are:

  • Average Order Value

  • Number of Orders

  • Total Spent

  • Customer Created Date

Here are some examples of how you can use Segments:

  • Define and build a segment of VIP users based on how much they’ve spent, and reward them with new product announcements early

  • Target users who have never purchased with an exclusive coupon

Please note that there are multiple Segments pre-created in your Postscript app after installation, such as “All Customers” and “Customers Texted More Than Once”.

Let’s walk through creating a Segment for customers that have spend over $50 and haven’t been texted before:

  • Click the “Segments” tab on the left navigation of the app

  • Click the “Create Segment” button

  • Type in your Segment Name (“Customer > $50 Without Any Texts”)

  • In the “Segment Criteria” section:

    • Select “Total Spent” in the first dropdown

    • Select “greater than” in the second dropdown

    • Type “50.00” in the text box

  • Click the “+ Add Filter” button”

  • In the row that just appeared:

    • Select “Number of Texts Sent” in the first dropdown

    • Select “Equals” in the second dropdown

    • Type “0” in the text box

  • If there are more than 0 members in your Segment, you can click the “Preview” button next to the “X Members” badge to preview some of the customers that will be included

  • Click the “Save Segment” button to save this Segment for use in future Campaigns!