Creating Segments

Segments are subsets of your sendable user base that you use when sending Campaigns. Segments are totally customizable, update in real-time, and are defined by criteria that you choose. Some examples of available criteria are:

  • Average Order Value
  • Number of Orders
  • Total Spent
  • Customer Created Date

Here are some examples of how you can use Segments:

  • Define and build a segment of VIP users based on how much they’ve spent, and reward them with new product announcements early
  • Target users who have never purchased with an exclusive coupon

Please note that there are multiple Segments pre-created in your Postscript app after installation, such as “All Customers” and “Customers Texted More Than Once”.

Let’s walk through creating a Segment for customers that have spend over $50 and haven’t been texted before:

  • Click the “Segments” tab on the left navigation of the app
  • Click the “Create Segment” button
create segment postscript text message shopify audience
  • Type in your Segment Name (“Customer > $50 Without Any Texts”)
name segment postscript shopify

In the “Segment Criteria” section:

  • Select “Total Spent” in the first dropdown
  • Select “greater than” in the second dropdown
  • Type “50.00” in the text box
customer segment criteria text messages
  • Click the “+ Add Filter” button”
add filter postscript shopify
  • In the row that just appeared:
    • Select “Number of Texts Sent” in the first dropdown
    • Select “Equals” in the second dropdown
    • Type “0” in the text box
add new filter sms ecommerce text messages postscript
  • If there are more than 0 members in your Segment, you can click the “Preview” button next to the “X Members” badge to preview some of the customers that will be included
preview audience segment postscript
  • Click the “Save Segment” button to save this Segment for use in future Campaigns!
save postscript customer segment sms text messages shopify

And that’s it! Have any questions? Reach out to us anytime at