eCommerce SMS

SMS stands for Short Message Service. Also referred to as Text Messaging, SMS marketing has come to play a larger and larger role in ecommerce marketing over the last few years. There are several good reasons for this:

  1. Wide Adoption – Almost 2 billion people use messaging apps to communicate, but that doesn’t change the fact that more than 90% of smartphone owners are still using old fashioned text messages (SMS) as well.
  2. Relevancy – Customers, especially younger demographics, use text messages themselves on a daily basis. So for them, receiving marketing in this medium is an efficient way to hear from a brand.
  3. High Engagement – Over 90% of received texts are open. That is a larger percentage than any other marketing channel – email open rates normally sit below 20%, and only a small percentage of followers see any particular social media post.


Given the high engagement and relatively low costs, ecommerce companies have begun using SMS for anything from more standard marketing campaigns (discounts, promotions, new product launches, sale events, etc) to automations (abandoned cart texts, welcome series, etc). Many ecommerce companies are even using SMS for what were traditionally transactional emails (order confirmations, tracking #s and shipping notifications, etc).


Because users open and engage with texts so quickly, it’s a great channel for customer communication – no matter the intent.


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