Holiday SMS Campaigns for Enterprise Brands

Holiday SMS for enterprise brands

Holiday SMS Campaigns for Enterprise Brands

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At an enterprise level, an individual SMS campaign might seem like a small thing. But small and effective habits tend to add up over time, especially given the leverage made possible during the holiday shopping season. Here are what we’ve noticed are the best SMS habits for large enterprises:

Recommendations for Brands with Large Customer Counts

Large customer counts tend to mean big budgets, but fewer chances to individualize. The challenge is creating a brand that feels small but delivers big.

Get conversational

Not only is a conversational approach to SMS less expected from the bigger brands, but the more customers you have, the more resources you’ll be able to dedicate to a conversational approach. You can turn the attention of a customer marketing team to making your brand seem more human, especially if there are text replies that come in quickly during a campaign.

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One of the advantages of SMS marketing is that it’s the most personal medium available to marketers. A simple message that starts with “ "{shop_name}: Hi {first_name}! Our Black Friday Closeouts are live!” immediately gets more attention without extra effort. As long as you’ve done your job and captured contact information before the holidays, even large enterprises can come across as highly personal brands.

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A personal message and a photo helps remove the stigma from texting with a brand like CVG and creates a unique connection with every conversation.

SMS as a concierge

If you can adopt a conversational approach with your SMS customers, expect some of them to want a concierge. Many customers are well aware that companies having their SMS permissions is valuable. And they’ll often expect service in exchange. Companies with larger customer counts can leverage their resources to use SMS marketing as an ad hoc “concierge” service that helps customers identify the best discounts and products for their needs.

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Recommendations for Brands with Large SKU Counts

Stock-Keeping United numbers mean you have a lot of different products to sell. Creating one SMS campaign to sell a wide variety of products is a major challenge. This is especially true if you want to keep the number of texts you send every month low. What are some best practices for selling a wide variety of products?

Emphasize community over product.

Many of the brands on our list have succeeded by creating redeemable points. The customer is then free to choose what to do with these points. Rather than focus your 2-4 texts per month (if that’s your goal) on 2-4 products, consider enticing people to sign up for bonuses that let them choose which products they buy. You can also offer blanket discounts rather than promote individual products.

Create gift packages.

Holiday SMS marketing is always effective when you can create novel gift packages. There’s no better time of year for it. Take many of your individual SKUs and create unique products that include multiple offerings. Repackaged as a holiday gift, the individual products often end up being worth more than the sum of their parts.

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Funboy creates 2020 collections that make shopping easier for someone just opening their phone to check their text messages. Especially effective during the holidays.

Creating Interest Away from Amazon

These days, it’s easy to create an SMS campaign when everything else is handled by Amazon. But the more effective your marketing is, the less you need to rely on major retailers to handle your distribution. Here are some ways to draw interest back to your original site so that when the holidays roll around, you’re ready for the influx of traffic:

Link unique coupon codes to your order page.

When we ran the numbers, we found that 70% of the campaigns were offering percentage discounts to make sales through SMS. But there are different ways to leverage these codes to draw interest away from other distributors. Not only can the link point to your order page, but you can create coupon codes for specific products.

Create a points reward program that rewards people for sharing your information.

When someone can only redeem points at your website, they’re more drawn to the site, even if they have other options for shipping. Exclusive deals have the same effect, but a points reward program tends to create a “stickier” community. People who already have points with you are more likely to shop with you in the future, and even a 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase the average profit per customer by over 25%.


SMS marketing represents a sea change in the way people interact with businesses. Businesses have a more personal connection with each customer, while each customer has a more direct relationship with the business.

But brands shouldn’t assume that holiday SMS marketing magic happens by accident. Our statistics suggest that brands who plan their SMS holiday campaigns in advance tend to have the best returns. That means no improv: by the time the holidays roll around, you should know which products you’re going to promote. You should also have the infrastructure in place to facilitate a community, whether that means you know how you’re going to respond to SMS customers, how you’re going to incentivize customers to stick around after a purchase, and any rewards programs you need to integrate.

SMS marketing right now is like getting in on the ground floor. It represents an exciting way to promote your products because customers are so much more likely to open a text than an email. And the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to incentivize people to sign up for your campaigns. The only question is: will you be ready?

Kickstart your holiday SMS

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