How Postscript helps you grow your list.

The brands who see the biggest returns on SMS marketing have one thing in common: they grow their SMS list each month. Postscript helps you build an engaged and compliant subscriber list with multiple opt-in tools.

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Import an existing list

If you’re switching SMS platforms, you don’t have to start from scratch. We’ll verify that your existing list is consistent with our platform requirements and import it to your Postscript account.

Desktop and Mobile popups

Turning on Popups is the easiest and fastest way to start converting website visitors into SMS subscribers. Collect both phone numbers and emails with our fully-customizable popups.

Build your popups with Postscript or with any of our integration partners, including Justuno, Wheelio, CartHook, Privy, and more.


People text a Keyword to your brand’s short code or toll-free number to opt-in to your list. Create multiple Keywords to easily track performance from different channels or marketing campaigns.


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Landing page and opt-in form

Create a landing page with an SMS opt-in form. Share the landing page short link anywhere: Instagram Swipe Ups, email campaigns, social media posts, etc.

QR Codes

Create a unique QR Code that people can scan to opt-in to your list. QR Codes can be used on product packaging, signage, or mailers.

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Checkout collection

Collect subscribers on checkout pages. This includes the Shopify checkout (for Plus merchants only), ReCharge, Carthook, or a custom checkout page.

Subscriber API for custom forms

Want even more control over your opt-in forms? Use Postscript's Subscriber API to build custom forms on your site or checkout.

Integrations for even more list growth

Use your favorite popup or form builder to collect SMS subscriber. Share subscriber data between Postscript and the rest of your ecommerce tech stack.

"Our conversion rate on popups have gone through the roof with Postscript. We were collecting 70-80 phone numbers per day with Attentive and now it’s 100-200."

- Russell Steed, Online Revenue and Marketing Manager

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Do SMS marketing the right way with Postscript.