Copy of Postscsript + Klaviyo Logo -v3

Connect Postscript and Klaviyo. Build an integrated email and sms marketing strategy by sharing lists from Klaviyo to Postscript.

Collect SMS opt-ins from Klaviyo forms, add people to a list in Klaviyo, and send the information to Postscript for SMS campaigns, segmentation, and automation.

How does the Postscript and Klaviyo email marketing integration work?


  1. Brands collect SMS opt-ins from Klaviyo forms
  2. Segment customers in Klaviyo and add them to email lists
  3. Send email lists from Klaviyo to Postscript
  4. Add customers from Klaviyo email lists into Postscript SMS campaigns and automations

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. Customers prefer SMS over email.  Segment out customers that have a higher conversion rate via SMS, send them to Postscript, and exclude them from email campaigns in Klaviyo.
  2. Reinforce messages by communicating via both email and SMS.  A brand wishes to send messages via multiple channels to reinforce a message.  Build the list of all customers who have received a specific email at 2pm. Then stagger the SMS campaign to send at 4pm, excluding anyone that has ordered before the automation sends the messages.