Copy of Postscsript + Zendesk -v3

Connect to Zendesk. Respond to all Postscript SMS replies in a single customer service platform.

Automatically create Zendesk tickets when a SMS subscriber responds to an SMS sent with Postscript.  Replies from Zendesk will be sent via SMS.

How does the Postscript and Zendesk helpdesk integration work?

Zendesk Integration Screenshot

  1. Shopify stores send a text message to customers via Postscript.
  2. When a customer replies, a Zendesk ticket is automatically created.
  3. Shopify stores can manage replies in Zendesk.
  4. Messages are exchanged within the same SMS thread.

Integration Notes:

  • Postscript integration is compatible with the Zendesk from Shopify app - allowing customer service agents to view a customer's Shopify purchase history in a sidebar next to a ticket.