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Postscript offers flexible pricing for your growing store. Use the calculator below (pricing is in USD).

Messages Per Month


Total Cost Per Message*


Cost Per Month


Cost Per Message


Total Cost Per Month*


FREE Inbound Messages
Cost Includes All Carrier Fees
Use a unique Toll-Free Number at no cost
Or lease a unique Short Code at additional cost

* This is the total cost based on Messages Per Month multiplied by the Cost Per Message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are two main ways to further reduce your cost per message:

  • Volume discounts: Your price-per-send decreases as your monthly send volume grows. Please use the calculator above to see how scale reduces your monthly cost.
  • Commitment length: We provide optional, additional discounts for 12-month commitments.Β 

Still have questions or want to explore a commitment? Please contact sales, your account manager, or chat us below to learn more.

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