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Pioneering SMS Best Practices to earn 48% average click through rates

Monthly SMS earnings
Campaign unsubscribe rate
Average campaign click through rate

"We've tested other platforms and the others simply fell short. The segmentation, integrations and ecommerce strategies are great, but the continued support we've received throughout our company's growth is unparalleled."


Partnering with MuteSix to add $500k from SMS in 30 days

Revenue in 2 weeks
Revenue in 45 days
Opt-ins in 45 days

Grunt Style wanted to build a strong mobile revenue channel without compromising on user experience or email revenue. Partnering with their marketing agency MuteSix and with Postscript, Grunt Style's launch of text marketing was a resounding success. By focusing on mobile first opt-in channels, MuteSix quickly grew an SMS list.


Ramping to $100k in weekly SMS marketing revenue

Compliant Opt-ins

310 Nutrition was exploring SMS marketing, but needed great returns without dedicating much bandwidth. With a few clicks, 310 Nutrition was able to seamlessly integrate Postscript with their entire business. The result is a weekly campaign and 7 targeted automations including Reply-to-Buy offers, together earning >$100k/week.

Bailey Baby

How Bailey's Blossoms earned $100,000+ monthly with text marketing

Compliant subscribers in 7 months
Consistently achieved an ROI each month
Monthly sustained revenue after just 3 months

After seeing email open rates decline and constant changes to Facebook’s Messenger platform, Bailey’s Blossoms was looking for a new, sustainable revenue channel to reach fans.


How Inspire Uplift Launched an Incremental Revenue Stream

Generated from automations alone within 30 days
From AfterShip transactional messages (non-marketing)

Inspire Uplift needed expert text messaging execution and specific platform functionality when adding a new way of communicating with their customers. They had done barebones SMS before but needed to level-up their program. Having exceptionally high standards for order tracking, personalization, and customer service, it was critical their SMS tool of choice include integrations with AfterShip, Klaviyo, and Zendesk.


How BombTech Golf combined email and SMS to increase revenue by 47%

Return on SMS spend
Increase in email revenue

BombTech Golf's marketing agency, Ecom Growers, knew if they wanted to take both email performance and sales to the next level, they needed to test new strategies. They teamed up with Postscript to explore ways SMS could drive incremental revenue on a regular basis and in a cost-effective way.


How Gearbunch generated 8.1K in 24 hours

Increase in ROI
In revenue/message
Click-through rates

Gearbunch is a leader in Facebook acquisition, but they were looking for a way to better retain mobile users – email engagement rates had continued to decline. Gearbunch needed a way to ensure that their customers were actually seeing promotional messages.


Fashion brand uses text marketing to open new multi-touch revenue and engagement channel

In revenue/message
Click-through rate

The Giving Keys is a pay-it-forward company. Through their social impact employment model, every product purchased supports job creation for people transitioning out of homelessness.


Luxor Linens sees high ROI from SMS marketing

In revenue in the first month
Generated in revenue/message

When Luxor Linens came to Postscript, they were frustrated by low mobile conversion rates and customer retention. They were struggling to reach their customers. One month later, Luxor has dramatically increased both retention and mobile revenue. They're running out of ways to praise Postscript!


Launching a top 3 marketing channel during the first 30 days of SMS

In revenue within 30 days
Subscribers in 30 days

Buttercloth's tagline is "The World's most comfortable shirt" and is known for its comfort and perfect fit. Following their explosive growth and Shark Tank debut, they were looking for a solution to convert more website visitors.

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