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UMZU sees immediate results using SMS with their customers

Revenue Monthly
With 7 Automations
Compliant Opt-ins

"Outstanding app for SMS and MMS. Since installing this we've opened an entire 7 figure/yr revenue stream we didn't have before, instantly." - Britney Elbert from UMZU

Postscript's one-click ReCharge, Klaviyo, and Gorgias integrations allowed UMZU to drive retention revenue by educating existing customers on new supplements.


Partnering with MuteSix to add $500k from SMS in 30 days

Revenue in 2 weeks
Revenue in 45 days
Opt-ins in 45 days

Grunt Style wanted to build a strong mobile revenue channel without compromising on user experience or email revenue. Partnering with their marketing agency MuteSix and with Postscript, Grunt Style's launch of text marketing was a resounding success. By focusing on mobile first opt-in channels, MuteSix quickly grew an SMS list.


Ramping to $100k in weekly text message marketing revenue

Compliant Opt-ins

310 Nutrition was exploring SMS marketing, but needed great returns without dedicating much bandwidth. With a few clicks, 310 Nutrition was able to seamlessly integrate Postscript with their entire business. The result is a weekly campaign and 7 targeted automations including Reply-to-Buy offers, together earning >$100k/week.

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