Shopify SMS

Interested in opening up a whole new communication and revenue stream to your Shopify store? You’ve come to the right place. SMS (or text message) marketing is an extremely powerful mechanism for speaking to your customers, and Postscript is the best tool to do so on Shopify (app store link).

If you’re looking to get started on Postscript right away we have a Quick Start Guide and Messaging Best Practices. But here are some more high level tips for how Shopify stores can be successful with SMS:

  1. Respect the customer – Don’t go overboard on marketing campaigns! People open most texts they get, so sends should be more sparing than email marketing.
  2. Timing is important – The average time-to-open on a text message is three minutes, so try to keep messages urgent. Think, “why does the customer need this information now?”
  3. Utilize the opt out prompt smartly – Postscript comes with a dead simple “Reply STOP to unsubscribe” opt-out feature. Though smart to use for one off messages or at the start of automation chains, use it sparingly.
  4. Look to email and social for past lessons – Do your customers like humor? GIFs? These types of lessons are transferable to SMS.
  5. Mix it up – Just like any other channel it’s important to keep the content fresh. Use GIFs and Images to increase engagement and clicks.
  6. Shorter is sweeter – This is text. Keep it concise, people.
  7. Personalize! – Use tags and customer segments so the messaging is as relevant as possible.

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