Get SMS Marketing Certified

Get SMS Marketing Certified

Get SMS Marketing Certified

Get SMS Marketing Certified

Get SMS Marketing Certified

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If you are serious about SMS, you know there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Learn all the best practices from the industry leader with this certification course.

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Your Course Guides

Alex Beller, President
Alex Siebel, Head of Customer Success
Shannon Fulton, Customer Experience Advocate

What to expect:

This SMS Marketing Certification course is a 2-hour video course. Each section is broken into actionable, easy to digest videos, followed by multiple-choice questions. In this course, you’ll hear from leaders in SMS marketing who work with brands day in and out to help them develop the best SMS strategies.

It’s free to get certified and we guarantee you’ll come out of this with the skills needed to build a best in class SMS marketing strategy at any ecommerce brand.

The Postscript SMS Marketing Certification is a fantastic educational (and entertaining!) tool that helped level up my text marketing game.
I highly recommend it to all marketers.

— Emily Ahlbum, Content Manager at REDCON1

The course was perfect for my style of learning—quick and to the point. I learned a ton of useful info for SMS marketing in this course, which was a pleasant surprise since I've been using Postscript for multiple brands for the past few months! The PS team hasn't had a miss yet, so why don't you just head to the coffee shop, chug a cold brew, crack open your laptop, and get certified?!

— Leann Abad, Ash & Erie

Highly recommend Postscript’s SMS certification course to all brand operators and marketers. Learned a lot during the time it took me to complete. Can’t wait to implement the learnings.

— Shane Mulcahy, ecommerce marketer

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