Text Marketer

Is 2019 the first year of the Text Marketer? At Postscript, we tend to think so.

As traffic and engagement channels grow, new marketing specialties appear. We’ve seen this over the history of digital marketing. First there was the generalist, the Digital Marketing Manager. Then with the rise of email came Email Marketing Managers. Later SEO Specialists came on the scene. Nowadays the industry is even more specialized, with marketers focused on particular traffic and acquisition channels – Social Media Managers, Influencer Marketers, Paid Acquisition Specialists… the list goes on and on! Some larger companies even have marketing folks dedicated to notifications/alerts.

So what does this mean for SMS?

SMS (or text message marketing) is a unique beast, just like any of these other channels. It’s a particularly potent medium. Getting texts is personal. Because of that, success as a text marketer requires someone who speaks in the voice of the brand AND can master the medium (hello GIFsemojis, stickers, slang, etc). The intimacy of SMS also means it can be a big revenue driver.


At Postscript, we’re seeing our partners dedicate more and more marketing resources to their SMS audiences as engagement rates are so high. A full time text marketer? It’ll be here soon!