Using Tags

Add tags to your message to increase engagement by personalizing the message.


Tags are placeholders that are filled with the recipient-specific or store-specific data when the message is sent.  Here are some examples of tags that can be used:

  • “Shop Name” - This populates with your store’s name, e.g. “The Stuff Shop”
  • “Shop Link” - This links to your store’s home page
  • “First Name” & “Last Name” - These populate with the first or last name of the recipient
  • “Abandoned Cart Link” - This links to the user’s shopping cart checkout page
  • “Shipping Link” - This populates with the link to the shipment tracking page
  • “Tracking Company” - This populates with the name of the company that is delivery the parcel (e.g. UPS, FedEx)

Please note that not all tags are available for every message.  For example, shipment tracking tags are only available for automations that are triggered by orders in transit.