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"Best experience EVER!"

"I am so happy I decided to use Postscript. It came highly recommended to me and several team members personally reached out to help me get setup! Within a day, I was generating additional sales for my eCommerce company."


Joel P, Director of Marketing


Just sharing what works for me! I don’t do paid adds so my business relays solely on my FB group & SMS marketing! 🤯

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"Fast And Easy To Set Up."

"Postscript has become one of our most profitable marketing channels. The effort is low and the return is high."

Jeni M

"Great service and support"

"I love how simple it is to create campaigns and text my customers. The ability to send GIFs is great and there are many list building options. It allows me to reach my customers instantly when social media can't. Also the customer support is awesome."

Chrystal R

"Great step by step instructions for a simple and legally compliant set up!"

"Being legally compliant is huge for our company, and Postscript made everything so simple with no second-guessing if we were doing it right. Also, the sales already have been shocking. The customer service has been A+ and they are extremely helpful in helping your business succeed with the app. It has already surpassed our email marketing revenue by 200% with a text that takes me 5 min to make vs an email that takes 2+ hours."


Jules T

Do SMS marketing the right way with Postscript.