SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is growing like crazy, as more and more brands recognize the need for a direct, mobile first communication channel with their customers. The biggest reason for the growth of SMS (or text message) marketing is that it works, but let’s break down why that is:


  • Unique and innovative – Email, social media, seo – all are extremely crowded channels. Customers are overwhelmed with messaging as the transition away from email and phone toward messaging apps/services continues. For brands or ecommerce companies, using SMS is still very unique.
  • Mobile – SMS (or MMS, the multimedia version which we enable here at Postscript) is a mobile focused channel that gives brands a high performing acquisition and revenue channel outside of desktop.
  • Open Rates – Text messages get opened, and read, quickly (94% are read in under 5 minutes of being received)
  • User experience – Customers are over 5x as likely to engage with a CTA (call to action) like a link or a coupon code delivered via text over email. That speaks to how natural and simple the UX of a text message can be for a user.


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